• Pick PCG! Partnering for best patient outcomes.

    PCG accepts major insurance, FSA’s and Credit cards and helps CIC patients get the best catheters for their insurance and personal dollars! Pick PCG! Partnering for best patient outcomes.

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  • PCG = Better Supplier, Better Patient Outcomes!

    A lot can happen after the patient visits the doctor’s office! National suppliers have been known to attempt to switch patients away from quality hydrophyllic products to cath and gels, increasing their margins while patients’ risks for UTIs increases!

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  • Get more value, Use a Local Supplier!

    Get more value, with a local provider, clinicians and end user patients have local access to the highest quality urological catheter supplies in the world, right here around the gulf coast region!

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Who we Are?

PCG Medical, partnering for best patient outcomes! One supplier can make a difference, from insurance reimbursement questions to supplying high quality CIC hydrophyillic catheters. Let us show you how! Proudly serving Louisiana and gulf coast residents as a local New Orleans based Louisiana company with high quality customer service.

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Catheter training guide for kids: “Piper the Catheter”

Piper the catheter.snipit3PCG Medical is excited to launch the Piper™ the Catheter coloring book, a useful educational tool for explaining to young children how the urinary tract works and the benefits of catheterization. When kids understand the process, it relieves stress and dissipates fears about using a catheter which benefits their health.

Piper™ the Catheter is intended to be a light-hearted approach to aid in the instruction that is given by your health care provider. Piper™ the Catheter is a coloring book with lots of fun activities which helps engage the kids in the learning process. Piper has received very positive feedback from the Pediatric urology providers at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans. Parents of kids who need to use catheters due to having a neurogenic bladder secondary to Spina Bifida have given positive feedback as well.  One mom told us that her daughter had so much fun looking at the book that she wanted to color Piper™ the Catheter!!

Some educational highlights from Piper™ the Catheter book:

1. Piper™ explains that your body is an amazing place where lots of different parts inside of you work together as a team. These parts called muscles and organs have important jobs to do to keep your body running well. Sometimes body parts don’t work as they should and need some extra help.

2. Piper™ introduces himself and tells the kids that he is going to show them how he works and what he can do to help them.

3. Piper™ explains how your body processes water with fun pictures of Piper hugging his friends the kidneys, sliding down the ureters and pictures of a very sad looking bladder. The bladder is sad because it is in distress since it is unable to empty the urine by itself.

4. Piper™ the Catheter saves the day as a super hero who explains that he can help the bladder empty the urine and have you feeling better!!!

5. Piper™ explains the simple steps to performing catheterization with fun pictures that can be colored. The book includes activities for the kids to write in the times that they need to perform CIC.

6. Piper™ provides positive encouragement by reinforcing that self-catheterization really means freedom for you to have fun, stay dry and feel well. With patience and practice you’ll be doing it in no time!

7. Lastly, Piper™ has several fun comics, a maze to the toilet, a word game, and a water park game in which Piper needs help finding the slide that gets him closest to the restrooms.

8. PCG Medical strives to construct valuable CIC education for our pediatric catheter end users. We strongly believe that the more kids understand why they have to perform CIC the less anxious they will be; thus the more engaged and fearless they will become.

To download a FREE copy of Piper™ the Catheter right now, please click on the button below for a no cost download.

To obtain a FREE copy of Piper™ the Catheter, please complete the contact form below.  This form is at  www.pcgmed.com/piper-the-catheter/

Please fill out the following form and we will mail you a copy of Piper™.

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PCG Medical: First Louisiana Peristeen Supplier


Peristeen for predictable bowel management

PCG Medical is excited to announce that we are the first supplier in the state of Louisiana to offer the Coloplast Peristeen Product for Predictable Bowel Management.

PCG Medical is a leader in providing the best product solutions for catheters and bowel management products in the Gulf Coast region. PCG Medical partners for the best outcomes for each individual customer by working closely with our manufacturing partners to deliver the most innovative and cutting edge solutions.

In May, PCG Medical successfully received the first private insurance prior authorization for Peristeen in the state of Louisiana for a BCBSLA patient. The prior authorization process only took us one day which impressed the Peristeen team at Coloplast as sometimes authorizations can take up to 4-6 weeks.

The next step in getting the Peristeen product to our patients here in Louisiana is to have our healthcare providers trained so that they can properly and safely teach patients how to use the Peristeen product.

Therefore, PCG Medical is working closely with Coloplast to have the urology and rehab departments at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans formally trained by the Coloplast Peristeen nurse trainer. The Peristeen training for the urology staff at Children’s Hospital is scheduled for Thursday June 26..

What is Peristeen and how does it work?

Peristeen is a transanal irrigation system for managing bowel dysfunction and is indicated for use by SCI, Spina Bifida, MS or other neurogenic disorders. Coloplast has experienced great success especially among users who have been struggling with their bowel program for an extended time.

Peristeen enables people suffering from severe constipation and fecal incontinence to improve their quality of life and can significantly reduce the time spent on their bowel program as compared with conservative bowel management solutions.

Peristeen was introduced in Europe in 2004. Since then more than 15,000 patients are using this device and it is making a significant difference in their quality of life. The FDA approved Peristeen for use in the US in August 2012.

Check out the Peristeen video instruction to learn more. This link is easily found through PCG Medical’s web site video-portal page at http://www.pcgmed.com/peristeen


Currently there is no national reimbursement code (HCPCS code) for Peristeen. However, Coloplast will be applying for a national reimbursement code but the process of getting a specific code is a slow one. Until a code is granted, all selected patients will have to apply for reimbursement via a prior authorization process utilizing a miscellaneous code.

Medicare and other Federally funded health plans such as Tricare, will not cover Peristeen until there is an established national reimbursement code. Therefore, only patients with private or Medicaid insurance (in certain states) are able to apply for getting reimbursement at this time.

PCG Medical is the first provider to submit a prior authorization to Louisiana Medicaid. We are keeping our fingers crossed for Louisiana Medicaid to approve Peristeen for our patients and should know something soon!

To find out if you are a candidate for Peristeen & learn more please contact us at PCG Medical at support@pcgmed.com or 504-836-3899.



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Are you getting the best catheters for your insurance dollars?

PCG Medical, New Orleans, Louisiana local catheter supplier!Do you know if you are getting the best catheters for your insurance dollar?  

Are you getting the best catheters for your insurance dollars?  Higher quality catheters reduce risk of urinary tract infections, strictures, and episodes of hematuria.  There are a number of published clinical studies that prove the clinical efficacy of hydrophilic catheters over the old catheter and gel technology.  (Click on previous sentence for link to published study). Given the fact that hydrophilic catheters have been proven to be 95% less friction then standard catheters lubricated with gel, one would wonder why suppliers are filling orders with substandard technology.

The answer is simple.  All brands of intermittent catheters are reimbursed  under the same billing codes.  This means that the patient’s insurance company will reimburse the exact same amount for the premium top of the line high quality intermittent catheter as they would for the lowest quality catheter.

In simple terms, let’s use a food analogy of quality of meat.  In this case, your insurance company will pay the same amount of reimbursement to your supplier regardless of the quality of meat, the insurance simply pays when the meat is confirmed as delivered.  Your insurance company pays the same amount for you to receive a luxury T-bone steak (the hydrophilic catheter) or a basic package of ground hamburger meat (catheter and gel and other lower quality solutions).

Just like the meat analogy of T-bone steak versus ground beef of lower quality, not all brands of catheters have the same cost or quality.  The price of a straight intermittent catheter costs can range from .30 cents to $1.30 and the cost of a  closed system intermittent catheter with insertion supplies can range from $1.50 to $4.00. So, it may be an issue of a supplier increasing their profit  margins at the expense of patient outcomes.

Fortunately, there is a choice of suppliers. PCG believes in best possible patient outcomes and is adept at insurance reimbursement, thus PCG recommends and supplies high quality hydrophilic catheters for patient needs. In fact, the sales manager at PCG has attended the urology academy in Sweden and is a licensed health care provider (licensed Physical Therapist, Louisiana) who has deep knowledge regarding healthcare issues and patient needs.

If you would like to know if you are receiving the highest quality intermittent catheter for your insurance dollar please contact PCG Medical  at 504.836.3899 or send us comments via the CONTACT US Page on this web site.


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